About Me



     My background is somewhat varied. Born in Syracuse, New York my first encounter with the magic of painting was  at age twelve. I can still see that painting and feel the watercolor brush making the  marks that articulated the folding cloth. I was hooked. Being one who never quite goes in a straight line I enrolled at the Air Force Academy in Colorado and pursued studies in Management, Sciences, and Engineering. After graduation I served as a Launch Control Officer in the Strategic Air Command stationed in Tucson, Arizona. I left the Air Force at the end of that tour of duty and with the help

of two wonderful teachers and painters, Nick Todisco and George Benedict, I constructed a portfolio and started my formal art training at Purchase College outside of New York City. I studied everything I could with Sewell Sillman and Leonard Stokes. Their emphasis on the formal elements and the need for clarity and sensitivity in seeing reveal new truths to me even now, thirty years later. I continued to learn about painting and drawing by teaching students the foundation skills at our local community college and at Fayetteville-Manlius High School.

      In 2010, I was able to leave teaching to finally return to where I started at age twelve - searching, studying, and expressing my thoughts about our world in paint.